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Landing Pages


What's a Landing Page?

Set content.

Typical purposes of a Landing Page

- Pay per click campaigns: Try setting up maybe a pay per click campaign with google ads or facebook ads or however you want it.
- Cards, presentations, etc... : Give another look to your business everyone looks more professional with a website or a couple of them dividing your business in sections with different purposes.
- Email Marketing Campaigns : Want to generate leads from the customers you're sending emails every weeks? well on your emails always try to include one of your landing pages to make them convert into sales, new subscriptions, however you think is going to benefit your business.

Customizing your Landing Page

- Customize the Landing Page's text's

It's easy to customize your Landing Page text's such as just go to your Account - My Websites - Then click on the options of your Landing Page on the right side of the Name of your Landing page and then click on " Edit my Landing Page " after this just click whatever text you can see and the editor will be open just type there and click on the button "save" and it'll be saved.

- Customize the Landing Page's images

any landing Page allows you to change most of the images that we used to create the basic form of the Landing Page, But it's possible to change all of them just once you're in the edition of your Landing Page click on the tab " Show design settings " click on the image you wanted to change and then select the one you liked from your own computer and upload it automatically and it'll be changed automatically.

- Customize the Landing Page's colors

Every landing pages allows you to do it even more personalized changing the background colors you're using on your site. just when you're on the edition of your landing page click on "Show design settings" and click on "Background color" and choose the color you want and you're able to play with the background color of your landing page.

Easy, lets go to your landing page edition and click on "Show design settings" and check for the tab "Social Media" click on that tab and write your Social Media Links and click on the button "Save".

Landing Page Designs

Getting the right design for your Landing Page

Every landing page is custom but there are different options depending on the design and of the membership. After you purchase your first membership you're gonna be able to use whatever landing page design you want! but you still having a maximum amount of landing pages you can create depending on your Membership. Every design is customizable and you can turn a Landing Page that promotes getting leads of properties to a landing page trying to get leads of new clients as realtor, or for getting appointments for your business, etc...

New landing page designs every month

We release new designs of our landing pages for our users at least one / month so they have more and more options to choose and lets struggle for the edition of each one. We try our best to make your business easier for you.