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How To Generate Real Estate Leads Online

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Eight Awesome Strategies to Generate Leads Online like Never Before. Strategies on How to Generate Real Estate Lead Online.

Good Quality leads stand at the core of any successful real estate venture. It not only helps you to expand your business, but it also assists you in gaining a much needed visibility among potential investors. But despite their incredible advantages, generating these leads can be quite challenging. This is primarily because they take a huge chunk of your time, effort and energy. So with this issue at large, what can be a viable solution to handle it? How does one generate real-time, motivated real-estate leads without compromising on the time or money? Well, this is exactly where our guidelines come to play. In the following section, you will find a list of the best strategies that’ll help you generate online real estate leads with little time and even lesser money. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Come up with a real estate website

If you’re really looking to generate leads online, one of the best ways to do that is by coming up with your own website. This very website is going to be the foundation of your online lead generation. Not only will it give you the opportunity to provide value to your potential visitors, but it’ll also give you a chance of building a solid brand presence.

When you do come up with a website, always remember that this isn’t the platform where you are going to boast about your feats as a real estate agent. On the contrary, your website is going to be the medium via which you are going to address the specific interests of your customers. None of your customers care about your inherent greatness, all they care about is how much you are willing to help them. So no matter how interactive your website is, none of your potential leads are going to stick around if you do not address their requirements and provide them the information they’re looking for.

You can always try to come up with a home valuation website that lists everything about buying or selling a property. Include tools that’ll help them assess the valuation along with relevant insights on mortgages and rentals. If you’re looking to stand an edge ahead of competitors, try including solid, actionable’ advice from local real estate agents.

Bringing traffic: SEO or PPC campaigns brings traffic to your website it's crutial to start seeing the results. i'd suggest the services of "SEO Miami" it's a company that within 5 months helped me to start ranking my lead generation website. Try them out at within 3 months you'd come back to this post and thank me.

Build a compelling blog

Rolling out an online strategy for generating real estate leads is quite similar to the process of building your house. Here, if your real estate website stands as a foundation, your blog is going to be its frame. Yes! If you are a real estate agent who’s planning to generate maximum leads focus on coming up with a compelling blog, because it is this very blog which is going to turn out to be a big-time online traffic generator. A good blog will give you the much needed opportunity of helping those real estate prospects, who are browsing the web for relevant information. For instance, you can write articles that give locals the necessary information about living in a particular area, the safest neighborhoods to check out, some general guidelines about buying or selling a home, things to keep in mind before selling a home, and so on. Each of the mentioned topics serves a purpose- they inform your buyers/sellers and motivate them about buying/selling a property.

When it comes to real estate business, blogging happens to be really important. This is because it is one of those mediums that play a major role in raising the overall authority of your domain. Your blog is going to be the vertical that’ll help your website be seen as a high authority platform on the web. So if you’re looking to generate more leads, always focus on a good blog. In this respect, also ensure that your blog has compelling content and is informative enough to keep your potential buyers/sellers completely hooked.

Build a landing page

A landing page is probably one of the most important aspects of your real estate business. Unlike a website which comes with many different pages, a landing page is a single web page which is designed to provide insights and information about a particular subject. While it can always appear as a standalone page, you can also integrate it to your existing website. These pages are usually focused on delivering information to your prospects about the services you’re willing to offer them.

Now, I know what you might be thinking at this point- “Why do I even need a landing page if I already have a website?” Well, let me de-bust this myth by simply telling you that landing pages are a MUST-HAVE’ and an extremely necessary aspect for driving the leads of your business. This is because every point of value that you can offer in your real estate business is yet another chance of driving your potential audience to the solutions you have for them. Many agents assume that most of their prospective clients visit their regular website, find their contact page and get in touch with them right away. But this hardly happens. And this is exactly why you need a landing page.

Unlike a website, these pages are highly focused and there are no additional pages that can deviate, your audience from the main goal of the page- to convert the visitor to real-time leads. While websites can be used for informing your visitors about the kind of services you offer, your landing page can be used for moving them to a particular sales funnel according to their needs. For instance, you can use a landing page to move your visitors to a page which lists good properties or gives them an option to list their individual property. Add relevant content to the page in order to nurture your leads until they’re reading for buying or selling. If you completely depend on your website for providing the information your visitors expect, there’s a high possibility that you’re missing out on the opportunity of converting these visitors into real-time customers.

But how long will it take to come up with a solid and interactive landing page? Apparently, it’ll take less than five minutes. Yes! With a platform like assetcolumn.com, you can easily generate an excellent landing page in under five minutes. Visit the website to know more about building your first real estate landing page.

Use Facebook Ads for targeting leads

If you thought that Facebook is just for communicating and reaching out to likeminded people- think again, because this platform has a lot more to offer. This becomes even more relevant if you are a real estate professional who is looking to generate buyer and seller leads. In case you’re still wondering how Facebook comes to play in the entire context of lead generation, here’s what you have to know;

Use specific keywords to target your potential audience- Yes! Reaching out to prospective buyers and sellers is now easier than ever with Facebook. All you need to do is add relevant keywords like “planning to buy a house”, “planning to sell a house” or something like “first-time homebuyer” in your advertisement posts. Once you do this, the individuals typing similar keywords will get a search result listing your property. This in turn, takes you a step ahead to generating potential leads.

Use Facebook advertising- You can also take help of Facebook advertising in order to reach out to your potential leads. These ads are way cheaper when compared to Adwords, and interestingly, they too come with an option that lets you target potential homebuyers/sellers.

As you take help of Facebook, always remember that both the sellers and the buyers are looking for relevant information on the internet. Purchasing or selling a home is probably one of the biggest decisions that they’ll ever take. So if you want to use this opportunity to its full potential, make sure you add some relevant insights with your existing advertisement. If you’re posting the ad for targeting potential buyers, don’t forget to add information about the community or the area that your buyers will move to, relevant insights about the local schools, shopping communities, banks, ATMs and every other necessary amenity, advice about getting a mortgage for the first time, information about the costs associated with the buying process, the current trending properties in that particular area and so on. Similarly, for sellers, try to include information about the valuation of their homes, advice about selling their home for the first time, lists of the recently sold properties around their area and so on.

But how exactly do you set up the Facebook conversion in order to track new leads? How do you launch your ad campaign? Like everything else associated with Facebook, this too is pretty simple. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Log in to your Facebook account, and select the ads manager’ option for creating a new campaign.
  • In the drop-down menu, select conversions’ for specifying the type of campaign.
  • In the following screen choose your target area (buyer or seller). This is also the section where you are going to set behavioral targeting so that you only target those people who are actually’ planning to buy or sell.

As you start generating high-quality buyer and seller leads, you will find that the Facebook Campaigning is recording every lead as a new conversion. As you’ve already optimized your campaign for the conversion, the more leads this campaign generates, the better is it likely to perform. Facebook uses highly advanced algorithms for tracking the visitors who are most likely to convert into real-time audience from target leads. So you can be completely assured of the process of lead generation.

Once you generate the leads, make sure you have a proper plan for addressing their requirements and closing them on a positive note. Remember, not everybody is willing to buy or sell a home right away. You will have to put the necessary effort and establish a strong connection with these individuals (potential buyers and sellers), so that when the right time comes, they readily trust you as their real-estate professional.

Usually, a well-optimized Facebook ad campaign takes 2-6 months for converting a lead to a real-time customer.

Use LinkedIn

If you’re looking to increase visibility and generate more leads from LinkedIn, the first thing that you should work on is your profile’s content. When you produce content that leaves a lasting impact on viewers, it automatically helps you in expanding your global reach and establishing a solid influence. Do not just spam your wall with marketing propaganda; rather, try to come up with something that keeps your audience really engaged. Make sure that your content is available in various formats like Slide-Share, PPT, PDF, blog posts, info-graphics and so on. In addition to this, conduct regular webinars and podcasts that meet the viewing preferences of your targeted audience.

Check FSBO listings for seller leads

One of the best ways to get seller leads is by checking FSBO listings. According to Zurple.com (http://blog.zurple.com/real-estate-marketing-ideas-4-ways-to-get-more-seller-leads) about 90% of the sellers who try to sell their properties, somehow end up not being able to complete their transactions. This probably happens due to their inexperience, the limited resources at hand, overpriced rates and poor marketing strategies. Trying to get a home sold can be an extremely tedious process, particularly when the concerned individual has absolutely no experience in the real estate industry. And guess what? This is exactly where you tap in. The inexperience of your potential sellers, offers you an excellent opportunity of helping them out and saving the day! All you need to do is check the FSBO listings on Craigslist where you can reach out to these sellers with your potential services. Come up with attractive offers like a free consultation to attract more sellers and to take complete advantage of this method.

Here, you can also contact sellers with expired listings. Now, why do these listings expire in the first place? Like I already mentioned, this is probably because the seller has put up an overpriced rate and hasn’t marketed their property well. In this case, however, you’ll have to depend on your multiple listing services for pulling up a list of these expired listings. The sellers who have their listings expired might already be working with a different professional- but considering that their listing is still available on the market and is also unsold, you will always have the chance of motivating them to explore your options.

For this, you might have to personally reach out to the seller and inform them that you can help them with their expired listing. Come up with a solid marketing strategy on how you’re going to enhance the exposure of their listing. If your plan seems good enough and the pricing is competitive, you can always get the concerned seller moving forward with your terms!

Leverage existing Buyers for More buyer leads

In case you’re looking to generate excellent referrals, it’s extremely important to make use of the right opportunities. One way of doing this is by leveraging your existing buyers for generating more buyer leads. You can start out by offering these buyers a small closing gift. Try to be really creative with the gift. Right after that, give them a small stack of your business cards and ask them to share it with anyone who is looking out for an agent. Finally, wait for a week after your deal closes, and then once again get back to your buyers, thank them and remind them that you’re really looking forward to some good referrals.

Try Influencer Marketing

Another way you can generate real estate leads is by simply forming connections with the big-time industry influencers. I personally vouch for this method, as I ended up connecting with more than fifty real estate professionals from influencer marketing. What I really loved about the method was the fact that every one of us was really focused on our overall web presence. We collaborated by helping each other in building a social media presence (with more likes, mentions, comments, and shares). As we shared each others’ work, we ended up building our audience, on an exponential level.

Like me, you too can tap into this kind of marketing, as it gives you a much needed opportunity of exploring and making the most of social media. Once you create a viral presence on social media platforms, everything else will fall into place because you’re already generating social value’. This value has both direct and indirect advantages in terms of your capabilities in generating solid real estate leads via digital marketing. 

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