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How To Sell a House By Owner - For Sale By Owner GUIDE

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For Sale By Owner involves selling a property without involving real estate agents. Doing so confers many benefits such as cost savings, control of the open house, showings and negotiations

What is For Sale By Owner?

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) involves selling a property without involving real estate agents. Doing so confers many benefits such as cost savings, control of the open house, showings and negotiations. However, you should weigh certain factors when deciding between selling FSBO v. employing a real estate broker. How will you price it? Who will prepare the legal documents? This article describes how sellers should go about the FSBO process; marketing strategies, negotiation steps and improvements that help sell your house quickly.

Starting the For Sale By Owner Process


If you have opted for FSBO transaction, the first thing to do is to determine your property's price. Find out the current sales and home prices in your neighborhood. You need not price it too highly as this could make it languish unsold for weeks or even months. It is easy to overprice your home, particularly if you have resided there for awhile and made tons of upgrades. Nonetheless, you should put your pride aside and set a realistic price.

Preparation for Sale

To land the best deal, you will also have to make major repairs and upgrades. This is necessary as the majority of buyers ask for an inspection before making any transactions. Some of the prevalent problems that you ought to fix include ceiling stains, minor plumbing defects, inadequate bathroom venting and non-functional window seals.

Get Legal Assistance

If your property is going to be for sale by owner, you may want to consider hiring an attorney. Although doing so is not mandatory, a lawyer can help you in several ways. For starters, selling homes requires that you have clean titles. The majority of states carry out closing at a title firm. An attorney is well-versed in this field; thus, he will ensure that the title is legitimate.

When negotiating deals with potential buyers, many terms may be thrown around. To guarantee that all the conditions are adhered to, you will need a valid contract. A property attorney can draft a contract that is unique to your transaction. Having a contract ensures that no problems crop up once the house is conveyed to a different party.


Marketing your property is a crucial step in for sale by owner process. Research real estate websites and list your property. In your advertisement, post great pictures of the interior and exterior of your home. Moreover, include your contact information, the property price, your address and a list of the property features. Another way to market your home is to print out flyers. These can be handed out to neighbors or prospective buyers during the open house event.

Open House

The next step involves inviting all the parties, who have shown interest in your property. You can schedule the open house after every two weeks. Doing so gives you a chance to showcase your home. It also puts pressure on the interested parties to purchase the property. The best time to hold an open house is during the afternoons and weekends. This way, anyone who ha shown interest in buying your home has a chance to attend the event.

The Negotiation Process

The reason that many sellers prefer real estate for sale by owner is that this process is cost-saving. Unfortunately, these savings can be easily lost if you are incompetent in negotiating a good deal with the buyer. The negotiation process requires:


When a buyer gives you a particular offer; either directly or through a real estate broker, you should not rush to give a response. Take your time to consider the presented offer. In any case, you have up to three days to review it and provide an appropriate and documented response.

-Smart Financing

Before going too far with the negotiation process, it is prudent to identify the financing sources of prospective buyers. Inquire whether the buyer has been pre-approved by any financial institution. Also, find out the exact amount of mortgage they seek and the loan proportion, which they plan to put down. If the loan requested does not come close to matching your property pricing, then negotiating with them is irrelevant.



What is Escrow?

Put simply; Escrow is the process of closing a real estate deal. The escrow agent acts as an impartial third party between the buyers and sellers. Escrow companies protect the interests of the parties involved by ensuring that no funds are exchanged until the conditions stipulated in a contract are fully met.

The Escrow Procedure

To open an escrow account, the buyer and seller have to submit the earnest money check and the purchase-sale agreement. This contract should contain all the necessary information including the closing date, contingencies, and financing details. Opening escrow can be done by any party involved, but is often handled by the seller in the absence of real estate agents.

Who Sets The Closing Date?

The buyer or seller may determine the closing date, but both parties have to agree to it. In the majority of cases, closing takes place 30 to 90 days after the purchase-sale contract is signed. Before the closing date, a buyer has a right to inspect the property. However, most buyers opt to hire licensed experts to conduct the inspection. The sole purpose of an inspection is to verify that the house put on sale has no defects. The seller, on the other hand, has an obligation to make any repairs needed. Failure to make these improvements can cause the buyer to back out of the contract.

What are the Closing Costs?

Some of the expenses involved in a closing transaction include title search fees, taxes, loan fees, reconveyance fees, escrow fees among other charges.


5 Ways to Improve Your Home's Value before Selling

Before placing a "For Sale By Owner" sign in the front of your home, you will want to make some improvements. To draw potential home buyers in a competitive real estate market, here are some ways to boost your home's value.


The first place that buyers look at, are the exterior sections of homes. As such, you ought to make your property look its best outside and in. A house that seems dilapidated and old will not make the cut. Fortunately, you can make your home look new using a fresh coat of paint.

Landscaping and Yard Lighting

An attractively landscaped yard is likely to draw the attention of many buyers. In fact, landscaping is one of the most economical ways of improving the appearance of property. Invest in new soils, rocks, shrubs, and mulch; as these can transform your yard significantly. You can also install lighting fixtures, where necessary.

Interior Flooring

Although rarely considered, the flooring is another feature than many property buyers look at. A buyer expects to find clean and stylish floors. If you opt to install new flooring, go for hardwood floors as they look attractive and are easy to care for. Alternatively, you can buy a high-quality carpet.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is regarded the most communal area of any home. Homebuyers will want a functional and organized workspace that is equipped with adequate taps, cabinets, and clean counter-tops. Nonetheless, you should not go beyond the upgrade process by purchasing brand new stainless steel appliances and fancy granite counter-tops. Doing so will get the buyers thinking that the house is pricey.

Bathroom Repairs

As is the case with a kitchen upgrade, do not go overboard with the bathroom renovation. Trivial repairs like painting the walls or replacing the tile grout can make a considerable impact. Remember to clean the exhaust fan and repair leaky faucets. Also, replace old light fixtures with the contemporary energy-efficient brands.


When conducting real estate for sale by owner transaction, consider the following

1- Determine the right property pricing

2- Prepare your home for sale

3- Enlist legal services

4- Open an Escrow account

 5- Negotiate smartly

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