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AssetColumn Rolls Out Two New Features

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AssetColumn.com proudly announces two brand new features, providing members with bigger and better opportunities to reach out to clients and make their pages work for them. With these two new to additions to our services, Asset Column just made it easier for members to optimize their portfolios and accept deals from investors. Here’s what’s new in Asset Column.

Unbranded Websites

If you’re familiar with Asset Column, then you should know how easy it is to upload investment opportunities through the domain. The site automatically creates a unique URL every time you publish deals under your username. This unique link can be blasted through the internet so that anyone who clicks on the URL lands on your page and yours alone. The beauty of this is that when someone finds one of your deals interesting, they’d have easy access to find all the other deals you have going. Hence, this makes it easier for you to showcase every transaction you have available, boosting the possibility of increased clients.

However, that’s not the best part yet in Asset Column’s latest feature. Instead of the URL link leading to a generic page of Asset Column, you’ll have the chance to get an Unbranded Website. This gives you the chance to upload images, logos, information, and icons to personalize the page. Creating a seemingly independent page, this can help boost your standing in the investing community and improve your personal brand with clients.

Generic Pages as landing pages can often be seen as unprofessional by clients, causing problems with the level of trust given to you. Members of Asset Column however can rest easy knowing that they are full control of the landing page, embedding it with their own brand to foster that highly professional feel.

The added bonus of this is the fact that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to set up your own website. Considering how much a new domain would require being completely functional and navigation-friendly, it’s not surprising that a lot of Asset Column members are looking forward to this new feature.

Members who have their own social media accounts with decent followers can simply post the personalized URL to streamline their traffics. Others may even choose to place it on their business cards, electronic or otherwise.

Unlimited Landing Pages

The Unbranded Pages is just one half of what’s in store for Asset Column members for the next month. The site will now offer unlimited landing pages that you can use to capture additional leads. Previously, the site offers lead purchase, but the new system now makes it easier for you to get them organically. How will this work?

You’ll have the ability to make as many Landing Pages as you want; each one capable of being dressed up using some of the most eye catching designs to grab those leads. Even better, you’ll be able to keep track of those leads through the site Dashboard. An SMS notification will be sent each time the landing page manages to grab a lead, logging it onto your account and therefore allowing you to follow up with development. With this kind of support, you’ll have a higher chance of turning that lead into solid profit with deals. Email notifications are also available, depending on the kind of setting you choose with us.

Of course, these two new features from Asset Column are simply icings on the cake. Asset Column offers a wide array of features and services designed to help its members make the best deals of their lives. With additional tools and extensive Help Services, members need not go any further in order to establish themselves in the industry.

Features Use and Impact

Members of AssetColumn.com have been upfront about what the domain does for them, praising various features and making it easy for prospective members to find out exactly what’s waiting on the other side. We also provide email digests for its members, you can stay up to date even without visiting the site directly.

If you’re excited about all these latest developments in AssetColumn.com, make sure to check out the website and the blog extension for the newest news. AssetColumn.com prides itself in keeping up with the latest demands in the industry and makes a point of upgrading services to meet the needs of the client.

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