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Creative Ways to Market Your Real Estate Deals to Make them Sell Faster

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Marketing Real Estate get more Offers and Sell faster. you?re about to see a property you purchased Below Market Value Selling Higher!

You are familiar with what insanity means, right? Well, we at AssetColumn.com aren’t terming you insane, but if you are still marketing your business of real estate the same way as every other person does and expecting different or better outcomes, then you know the rest. We are going to offer you some creative ideas in this article, for marketing real estate so it gets more offers and sells faster. And, if you’re going to try these ideas, you’re to see a property you purchased below market value selling higher!

1. Make a video highlighting your property on YouTube

YouTube videos still are all the rage. YouTube receives millions of visitors daily, and that is enough reason for you to make use of it to capture the attention of as many potential buyers as possible. A funny, insightful yet short video clip can reach a larger audience thanks to the power of YouTube.

Everyone loves watching entertaining videos on YouTube, and some people will even share the video link with others. Make sure to add some flavor to your videos like incorporating man-on-the-street’ interviews into them, and also capitalize on the first minutes of the video to grab viewers’ attention.

2. Post on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

Facebook and LinkedIn advertising make it easy to sell your investments as this is where most potential buyers hang out. Hundreds of real estate properties are sold and bought on Facebook and LinkedIn daily. Facebook charges no fees, no commissions, and anyone looking to sell their investments can make use of it. Even though no one is going to hit a Buy It Now’ button for a $600,000 purchase, it’s the connection that’s made between buyer and the seller that Facebook and will house. The best part is that all this is free!

3. Use Bandit Signs Around Your Neigborhood

A bandit sign is basically a small variation of the common billboard. Bandit signs have the potential to generate unmatched exposure for real estate investors of all levels. Place them throughout your neighborhood as well as in major intersections. And, what should your bandit sign say? “Handyman special “…” Investment house for sale…”, or any catchy phrase that is deemed to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

How to Use Bandit Signs to Build Your Buyers List

4. Provide In-Depth Maps, Charts, Graphs, or Guides

Buyers are carrying out more and more research on homes online. And even though we have not yet reached a point where a buyer will make his/her purchase without necessarily having to see a home in person, a majority of the initial buying stages have shifted to the internet. Understanding the neighborhood, for instance, and nearby amenities is something buyers’ like to do prior to a showing. As such, you will need to create neighborhood data like charm and noise indices, as well as walk scores in your descriptions.

The best investments property marketing plan should include plenty of graphics, however, not just any will do. Take time to hone up your Photoshop skills, or build enough capital for hiring a skilled graphic designer to help you add striking graphs, images, charts, and other visual key elements to your social media posts and ads. Ensure your graphics/charts explain something valuable to your audience, such as the best areas of your local market

5.Contact Property Management companies and Realtors

Property management companies together with realtors receive hundreds of people seeking to buy real estate investments every month. As a real estate investor, you need to contact both realtors and companies and ask if they have cash buyers to sell your properties to. You are not guaranteed to get many buyers from realtors and companies, but you will surely not walk away without getting one or two.

6.Send mailers to cash buyers in the area

The mail list is an important start to finding potential cash buyers for your real-estate investments. Find as many email addresses of potential buyers as you can, using public systems or records, then send mailers upon building up your list of cash buyers. This will help you get much closer to profiting from real estate investment sales.

7.Post Classified Ads in eBay, Backpage, and Craigslist

Craigslist, Ebay, and Backpage play very important roles in “House for Sale” advertisements. Their system is much similar to that of a newspaper hard copy that contains a classified section providing the different types of ads and makes the readers able to get all ads about any topic on a single platform. There is a lot of discussions that go on in the all the three, and what’s more is that you get to post your real estate property ads for free.

8.Post Brochures on Local Bulletin Boards

Brochures are relatively cheaper to make, and can gain you unparalleled exposure in local marketplaces if placed effectively. Strategic placement to reach a targeted, broad audience is important, though you must consider local laws on posting brochures. Find out the best places to post your brochures locally so that they may be seen by a large audience to increase your chances of making more profiting sales. You can post them on bulletin boards of local libraries, coffee shops, hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, salons, schools, among others.

9. List your deal on AssetColumn

Upload with us and take advantage of our free email blasts that we offer to hundreds of real estate investors by posting your deal on AssetColumn.com. ForSaleByOwner.com is also another amazing service offered by Zillow to real estate investors to market their properties at a fee. As one of the most visited real estate websites, Zillow is a leader website that can be relied on for successful property purchases and sales. Other reliable websites that you should also consider include LandWatch, Bid4Assets and the BiggerPockets Marketplace.

10. Take Great Pictures.

Photos can break or make a listing. The type equipment that a professional will use is going to reveal the true feeling of a home. Wide-angle lenses show the size of rooms, and the sensor inside of a pro’s camera captures more detail than even the best “point and shoots” or smart phones. Photographers know how to frame images, using angles and lighting to their advantage- we have all had a chance to see the listing photos with a dog’s tail in the corner of an image or a person’s reflection in the washroom mirror. Even though they may seem small, these things can end up detracting from potential buyers’ ability to picture themselves residing in a home.

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