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What is Email Marketing or Email Blast ?

Email Blast is an electronic mailing, sent at the same time to a huge mailing list. This is utilized by advertisers who need to send email commercials or advancements to their rundown of customers (Definition extracted from our Knowledge Center)

Mailing lists / Distribuition list

What is a Mailing list?

known also as distribution

Import all your Mailing List at once

You can import all your Mailing List all your contacts with an easy .CSV and tag them into the distribution list you wanna import

Is there a maximum amount of Mails i can store into a Mailing list?

No there's not.

How many mailing lists can i have?


How to create a mailing list?

Let's do it. go to your account - manage my contacts / lists and once you're there go and look at the right section you'll find a "Distribution list" box ok check for the "+Create" button and there you're gonna be able to set a Name for your distribution list.

How to add a single contact to my mailing list?

Go to your Account - Email Marketing - Manage my contacts / lists and there find the contact you're trying to find. Click on the button "Edit" then you'll see the contact information and also on what "Mailing list / Distribution List" he belongs.

Importance of creating Multiple Mailing Lists / Distribution lists.

It's really important to know how to organize your contacts cos instead of sending emails one by one its way better to send thousands to everybody in just a click but also you don't want to send emails to people that probably doesn't match with the type of email you're writing. That's basically the reason of the importance of having MULTIPLE mailing lists on your account.


Adding a single contact

Adding a single contact is easy just go to your Account - Email Marketing - Manage my contacts / lists and on the first box called " General Contacts " check for the button "Options" click it and click on Add new contact. on the new view you can set all the information for the new contact your Important: try to add as much information as you can for multiple benefits purposes such as personalized emails. the most you complete the most you're gonna be able to personalize every email you send.

Import multiple contacts at once

If you have your database of contacts in CSV it'll be really easy for you to import your database into assetcolumn. just go to Account - Email Marketing - Manage my contacts / Lists and in the first box called: 'General contacts' click on the button "Options" and there find the option called "Import from CSV File" click it and now after uploading your CSV the system is going to ask you for which columns of your CSV matches with the information asked for assetcolumn to work with. its a must that you'll need to match the "Email column" of your CSV with the system. but for email marketing purposes such as personalized emails it's better if you can match all or part of the columns assetcolumn ask for.

Add a contact to a distribution list

Go to your Account - Email Marketing - Manage my contacts / lists and there find the contact you're trying to add to a distribution list. then just click on the Email and drag it and drop it on top of the name of the distribution list you want it to add it.


Emme Is the lead developer of he's your first contact in your Assetcolumn email marketing account. you'll find him in some other places of your account. it's like our own "Waldo".

Email senders

What is an Email Sender?

Email sender as the name, is the one that's sending the emails to the recipients. it's important to start sending email marketing that you active at least one email sender.

How many Email Senders can i have?

You can have as many email senders as you want. there's no limit even if its your Membership is a Free membership.

How i activate / create a new email sender?

It's easy to setup a new email sender you'll need to go to your Account - Email Marketing - Email Settings and at the left side of the page you'll find the option "Email senders" click it and then you're going to see a button called "Add Email Sender" then just type the email you want to use to send emails and click on "Send veritication" and after clicking this button go to your email the one you want to activate and look for the verification email we just send you and copy the Code we sent and paste it on the assetcolumn veritication box and click on "Activate" and if the code matches. it'll be ready that email to start sending your email blast

Switch between email senders

You can have how many email senders you want just at the moment you create your Email marketing piece just before the system sends the email it'll ask you with which email sender you want to send the email marketing piece (it's going to show just the activated ones.)