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How To Invest In Turnkey Rental Properties

Article writer - Alina Osmena image 2016-12-03 10:12:08

Turnkey rental properties are perfect for those looking to invest in real estate, but do not have the time or knowledge to flip the property.

Turnkey rental properties has already been flipped and restored to function as real estate investment. It is already available for immediate use of the investor and can already be rented out to possible tenants upon purchase. This method enables the investors to earn income on the property immediately without investing their time and labor into the renovation of the property.

Benefits of Turnkey Rental Properties

The Benefits of Investing in Turnkey Rental Properties

Immediate Cash Flow after Buying Turnkey Rental Properties

The biggest advantage of a turnkey rental property is that it is ready for occupancy. As the name suggests, the buyer would just wait for the seller to turn the key over and it is good to go. Since the turnkey property ready for use, the investor can immediately rent the property out to tenants and the income from renting the property out can potentially come in almost immediately, too.

Passive Income

Turnkey rental properties generate income for the investor immediately, without the need to invest their time or their effort in restoring the property. The investor can work anytime and anywhere and the rental income would still be placed in their bank account. They do not need to manage the property and deal with lousy tenants because they have a property manager to do that for them. The investor just needs to wait for the income to come pouring in without having to lift a finger.

When an investor purchases a turnkey investment, they are purchasing the end product. The property is already under the best condition. Unlike flipping a property, the investor can do away with the usual planning and fixing any possible repairs. This takes away the time needed to develop the property since it is already in a livable state.

Moreover, there is no need to manually do the repairs and renovations needed on the property. If the investor does not have sufficient time to manage the restoration of a home, it is not advisable to flip houses due to the demands required when restoring a property.

Turnkey Investment Companies Comes with an Established System

A company who specifically cater for renovating turnkey properties already knows the best locations to operate in. This kind of business is founded on good reputation, so they ensure that they provide the ultimate support to guarantee the success of their investors. The success of their investor’s business is an asset to their company and it keeps them invested in the continuous improvement of your business.

In addition to this, they already know the ins and outs of the business, especially in their area of expertise. The investor can be certain that these types of companies have already done their research on possible tenants and they have also built strong connections with the people who matter in the industry such as local lending companies, repair businesses, real estate lawyers, and home inspectors. Moreover, the turnkey companies would know the papers to file and processes to follow to ensure hassle free transactions.

Property Management

If the investor does not have the time to manage the operational activities of the turnkey rental property, they can partner with a property manager who can handle these activities for them at a minimal price. This setup can work best for those who investor who still have other jobs or for those investors who are focused on expanding their portfolio to a larger scale. The property manager can also focus on building relationships with potential vendors and possible tenants alike. The investor does not need to worry about anything, but ensuring that this investment provides a sufficient return on their investment.

Disadvantages of Turnkey Rental Propeties

The Disadvantage of Investing in Turnkey Real Estate

Higher Price Tag

Since someone else has already done all the labor for the investor, it comes at a higher price. Moreover, the investor is not only purchasing the turnkey rental property, but they are paying for the combination of the property itself, the materials used for renovation, the labor fee of those who worked on restoring the product, and a certain markup price on the purchase of the property.

However, if the investor has no knowledge and time to do the restoration on their own, the purchase of turnkey rental properties is still a solid investment. In addition to this, inexperience can probably result in more cost if the investor decides to flip the property.

Turnkey Investment Needs Thorough Research and Inspections

The turnkey companies might do their research on the viability of the location of the property, but it does not mean that the investor should not do their own research and inspections around their potential purchase. Most sellers would state that the turnkey investment is a good purchase, so the investor should know why the seller is letting go of the property if it really is a great investment. The investor should know the potential income to be generated by the purchase of the property and the selling points of the property, such as proximity to strategic locations.

No Artistic or Creative Input in the Turnkey Rental Property

Turnkey rental properties are assumed to be ready for occupancy, so the turnkey companies have ensured that the property is finished down to the final touches. This means that the investor does not have any input on the design and the layout of the property. The investor might have certain suggestions on how to maximize the efficiency of the property, but there is no longer any room to accommodate the investor’s proposals.

Find Turnkey Investment

How to Find a Turnkey Investment

Since turnkey rental properties belong to a very specific market, the investor might find it more difficult to get their hands on an investment property so it is important to find a turnkey company that you trust. There are several turnkey property companies that specifically cater to renovating and restoring older properties and turn them into turnkey rental properties.

Due to the technological advancement in the world today, turnkey rental properties are also available in several online listings and it can also be found by clicking this link.

How to Buy Turnkey Rental Properties

Once the investor has already narrowed down their choices of turnkey rental properties, it is vital to prepare the contract that allows you to back out if the terms and proper conditions have not been met. The buyer could begin by asking for certain documents that are essential in the decision making process, such as recommendations from outside sources that provides a guarantee the reputation of the turnkey property and their reliability in the industry.

The buyer can also ask for a copy of any proof that renovations were actually done on the property. It is also vital to know the details of the renovations that were done so that the investor could project the scope of work that is still needed to be done, if there is any at all. The investor should also get their hand on the contact number of those who have done work on the turnkey property to ensure that it will be easier to reach them.

Moreover, the buyer should also inspect the property in person. It is better to see the actual property with their own eyes since paper documents and pictures would not match up to the benefits attached to seeing the property in person. The investor can also have the property inspected by a professional once they are certain about purchasing the property to avoid being deceived by anybody.

As part of the research process that should be done before the purchase, the buyer should be able to determine the expected cash flow that will arise from the purchase of the property. If you want to know more about the concept of calculating and analyzing the cash flows from rental properties, you can read this article: Calculate Your Rental Property Cash Flow: Real Estate Investment Analysis

Finally, turnkey rental properties have their appeal, especially for those who have money to spare, but who do not have the luxury to invest their time. It is a specialty market that is geared towards those who are looking for passive ways to earn income and those who want to expand their portfolio.

If you do not find the charm in flipping and fixing houses, but you find the concept of investing in real estate appealing, turnkey rental properties might be the perfect investment for you.

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