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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the minimum payment?

The minimum payment request is $50 USD. We suggest that you request a minimum of $100 per payment, but that's up to you. Remember each transaction has a fee attached to it.

I Refer a friend but didn't use the link.

We always remind our users to give their links when they're trying to full their affiliate network. We can't help you if you didn't give you affiliate.

What's the maximum amount i can get through this Affiliate

There's no limit, refer us that you'll always get what you brought to the table.

Can i track my users, visits to my link etc?

whenever you give your link to a user every single transaction you get commission for it, it's all tracked the visits you have through your link, and their activity on the platform.

How long it takes to receive my payment?

Payments can take 3-5 Business days to get them in your bank. but we process every payment immediate. it's all depending on the bank.