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List Wholesale Deals

Property where you have an active purchase agreement with the seller for ($x) in X time and you're looking for potential interested buyers to assign that contract before the time of the contract expires.

List Fix and Flip Deals

Distressed Property in need of repair, when the final buyer acquires the property and fixes then he will be able to flip it and most likely he will make profits.

List FSBO Deals

Property listed for sale by owner, the owner doesn't want to deal with an intermediary and wants to list the property by himself.

List Owner Financed Deals

Property where the seller is financing the buyer for the purchase of his property.

List Cash Flowing Deals

Property currenty Leased that is currently generating income out the tenants that are in the property.

List Retail Deals

Property in good conditions, owner is rushing the sell and that's why is posted in AssetColumn to get a lower price for his property but many offers for it.

List Turnkey Deals

Brand new or fully renovated property ready to be occupied


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