Guide Deal Finder

Deal Finder


What is the Deal Finder?

The Deal Finder named as "Property search" or "Search Deals" tab on the top section of assetcolumn, it's our search system for all the properties posted by our users.

Type of properties you can find in the Deal Finder

1. Wholesale

Wholesale properties.

2. Fixer Uppers

Fixer uppers.

3. Retail


4. Cash Flowing

Cash flowing properties.

5. Turnkey

turnkey properties.

Range of the Deal Finder


The Deal Finder mostly you'll find 99% of the properties located in U.S but any investor, home owner, etc.. are able to post their property deal in assetcolumn. (but must be an under market value property)

Newest Properties

How to access the Newest Properties

Our newest properties are able when you have a premium membership . Free and Guest users are not able to see this newest properties. They're viewing properties that everyone else are viewing and sending offers.

Benefits of Newest properties?

1. Not fighting against thousands of offers. 90% of our users are FREE and they're sending tons of offers daily so you're basically fighting against the 10% of our total users. so you're gonna be able to reach the homeowner way before thousands of Free users / Guests
2. Get notified when there's something interesting for you in the area you decided.

How to identify a New Property?

The Newest Properties are always on TOP of the property search and have a tag of "NEW" on the top- right corner of the property image.

Newsletter - Deal feed

Join the deal feed and get notified immediately about new propertie

Depending on your membership you're going to receive monthly the newest deals or the ones' with some of delay. just right in your email. there's a lot more to talk about the "Deal Feed" so go the Deal Feed section in the User Guide to read more about it.

Common user problems

- The property i'm interested in doesn't have any picture

When a Homeowner or Real Estate Investor upload their property deal in assetcolumn we didn't force them to post pictures anyway we suggest them to. Our premium memberships includes a service called "Unlock homeowner information" as the name it says you're gonna be able to see the homeowner information to contact him and he will probably provide you the information you're asking for and many more.

- Are all this properties real from real home owners?

Absolutely, all the properties you find on our seach deals are from homeowners, investors, real estate agents, etc... that are trying to rush the sell of their properties and they're willing to receive offers.

- Property search MAP isn't working

Our Map is provided by Google MAPS, if you experience any kind of "Bug" please let us know report it to the Assetcolumn team. we will try to fix your problem as soon as possible.