Business Scholarship Details

At Asset Column, we have a deep and enduring interest in providing new entrepreneurs and business owners with support, we love doing all that is possible to encourage the new generation that will follow us.

Our aim is to help young and promising entrepreneurs who are in need of financial assistance to secure the much needed education and expertise that will be required in order to found and run their very own business venture.

The Business Scholarship at Asset Column is open to all applicants who are currently pursuing their degree, whether undergraduate or postgraduate at an acknowledged academic institution. Additionally funding is provided by the scholarship for other skill development programs which pertain to the entrepreneurship.

Business Scholarship Details

The way that the scholarship is distributed is via bursaries that are each of $1000 (£798). As many as five different applicants are awarded yearly. You can apply the bursaries to common expenses that are incurred in the course of higher education. For example course materials, textbooks, and living expenses.

Eligibility for Business Scholarship

Any student who is in pursuit of a degree, whether it is undergraduate or postgraduate and is attending an acknowledged academic institute is able to apply for the Business Scholarship. Criteria for fully eligibility includes the following:

• Being currently enrolled in an acknowledged academic institute.

• A letter of recommendation from a tutor or course co-ordinator demonstrating a history of academic excellence.

• A declared desire to one day own your own business.

• A clear description of personal circumstances which clearly state the need for financial support.

You are not able to apply if you have already been a recipient; it is not possible for the Business Scholarship to be awarded multiple times.

Business Scholarship Applications

Before awards are made, multiple aspects of applications will be judged. The following criteria are what assessments depend on:

• A 500-word statement that clearly indicates your enthusiasm for studying as well as your intention of pursuing a career in business.

• The quality of the recommendation and academic records provided.

• As described in your statement and based on your circumstances, your personal need for financial assistance.

Scholarship Schedule

All applications for the 2018/19 period Business Scholarship must be received by April 30, 2018. Successful applicants will be contacted and announced no later than April 30, 2018. Soon after the official announcement, the awards themselves will be made.

Interested in Applying?

We have worked hard to guarantee that the process of application for the scholarship is no more complicated than necessary. All that is needed to apply is the submission of an email that includes the following:

• A letter of recommendation that a tutor or co-ordinator has written.

• Contact information for your sponsor, this could be an email address or telephone number.

• A note which displays from your current studies your latest grades and/or results from your exams.

• A statement made up of no more than 500 words which you explain what makes you an ideal candidate for the Scholarship. Any circumstances that you believe to be relevant should be included as well as how, if you were to receive an award, would you use your Scholarship funds.

Please send us the above mentioned details to ; we will be in touch if you are successful. APPLY