2038 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19115

Asking Price
Retail Market Value/ARV $300,000
Cost of Repairs $0
Potential Profit $30,000
10% Below Market Value

Asking Price: $270,000
After Repair Value: $300,000
Costs of Repairs: $0
Living Area: 1250 ft2
Property type: Single Family House
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 1
Half Baths: 1
Parking: 1
R1 by can be C1 for $475 L&I courts said ok after appeal b/c Grand-Father Clause from 1950, currently Single Family Home, so get your lower down payment on purchase such as 3% down FHA 3%mortg vs. 30% down commercial 12%mrtg! 40,000 cars a day traffic FSBO in Philadelphia, PA 19115. Property has OVER $60,000 (I have receipts) in updating, and is ready to MOVE IN. PARKING FOR 10 CARS! PLENTY OF ROOM IN THE REAR FOR ADDITIONS! Close (walking distance) to the Boulevard, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, public transportation. Highest rated schools, lowest crime rate in Philadelphia, Lowest taxes in the City. The drive way is 150ft (L) Appraised by a certified appraiser for $260,000 in 2006. 3 doors down, they sell for $600,000. In 9/ 2016 it was repainted. Perfect for a Dr., Attorney, Insurance, Vet., Mortgage Co., Title Co., Office Space, etc. Call 215-888-8080 or e-mail MF@LaserLightShow.ORG
1250 inside + 800 basement + 400 garage + 4,000 land.

Single Family Home for sale by owner in Philadelphia, PA 19115. Ready to MOVE IN. PARKING FOR 10 CARS! It has a $2,000 (value) dollar FRONT DOOR! New CONCRETE BASEMENT FLOOR (@2010) sub-base! New Heater in 2015, UNHEARD of VIEWS of CENTER CITY (size of a dime or quarter from the bedroom window.) PLENTY OF ROOM IN THE REAR FOR ADDITIONS! Good size back yard ready for your summer vegan BBQ, or build a NEW SWIMMING POOL, or 6,000 sq ft addition!

Highest rated schools, lowest crime rate in Philadelphia, Lowest taxes in the City.

The drive way is the size of 1/2 block in center city, est 150FT(L) with parking for about 10, and I\'m in the best neighborhood... on the best street in the 5th biggest City in the USA. This home was appraised by a certified appraiser for $260,000 in 2006. 3 doors down, they sell for $600,000. In 9/ 2016, I repainted the interior of the house again. Re-stained the floors, steps, painted the basement floors, walls, and ceiling..... in the summer, I finished the wrap around deck that wraps around the shed, which is also stained. Besides the contractors that worked here, almost 20 total (6 roofers, 4 carpenters, 4 siding people, 5 laborers) ...I also personally worked on this home myself, with countless hours, to be exact... years, many years of work. When I did the first re-hab in 2004, we pulled permits, so you can trace them via L&I. FYI - I have OCD - \"Obsessive Compulsive Disorder\", so, as you can see in the photographs, the exquisite detail in workmanship, such as how I stained the basement ceiling beams (technically the 1 st floor-floor), and also painted in between the beams.... Similarly, painted almost the same in the garage... w/ orange-yellow, high-gloss white & brown stain as you can see in the pics. The attic ... additionally, it\'s in prestige condition also, with two layers of insulation, the pink panther stuff, and the hard pink foam on top, plus sheets of plywood on top. There\'s an alarm, and it hard-wired... installed in 2005, I never liked the wireless systems since they require the batteries to be changed every 6 months, so I had a hard-wire system installed... there\'s hard-wired smoke detectors in almost every room (6 total.) The electrical system is in great shape, it\'s about 200amp, with newer style breakers & service line, & brand new lines everywhere 100%.

Feel free to call or e-mail me: (215) 888-8080 or MF@LaserLightShow.ORG

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